23 Sep

This is my boy.  He makes me smile and brings me joy.  Every.  Day.  Seriously.
Just look at him.
He generally is always happy.  When he was a baby, one of the ladies from church nicknamed him “smiley.”  Perfect.  Kayden is very tenderhearted and caring.  He can be shy, but once he feels comfortable, he pulls out all the stops.  He loves to do imitations, and always has us laughing with his Nacho Libre, Shultzie (from Hogan’s Heroes), and even Sharon Osborne.
Kayden eats, breathes and dreams in survival mode.  I am constantly amazed at the knowledge this boy has regarding outdoor life and survival, and he sucks it up like a sponge.  Ask him any question you want, and I’d be willing to bet he’d surprise you with the depth of his answer.  And, if, by chance, he didn’t know the answer, he’d know right where to look it up.  I know I sound like an overly-proud mama, but hey, he’s my boy, it’s my blog, and I’m entitled. :0)

Here he is, eating an ant.  Yes, a black ant.  It was one of the highlights of his day, and he kept asking if he could try more.  Oh my.  I would say we need to get out more, but in this particular instance, we were out.  With one of his very best friends.  Who also happens to love all things survival.  And eating ants.

With the help of his daddy, Kayden learned how to make survival bracelets.  They are made from 550 parachute cord, which, if you didn’t know, has 7 strands of string inside of the outer cording, and can hold up to 550 pounds of weight.  Each bracelet is made from approximately 12ft of cording.

He’d like to start selling these, in order to make a little bit of money.  Right now he can make lime green, black, orange, brown, red, light green and dark green.  If there’s another color you’d like, he can get it.  He even made a special crimson and gray for Uncle Brett!  They are usually made with two different colors, but I have an all- black one that looks pretty cool, too.  This one that you see pictured is dark green and orange.  Bracelets that are “clasped” with a knot like this are $12:

And bracelets with an actual clasp like this are $15:
If you’d like one, just email me your wrist circumference, and clasp/color preference (s).  Shipping is on us.  (

He is also selling these super cool bottle cap knives:

Complete with duct tape carrying case, for $4.50.  These are actually pretty handy, and can be used for opening taped boxes, CD cases, and cutting out coupons (for you freaks like me who do such things).  If there’s a cap you like but don’t see, let us know, and he’ll be happy to get it.
What will this money be going towards, you may be asking?  Oh, for such things as a new leatherman, series of Hogan’s Heroes on DVD, new survival books and to order off of his favorite website:  Oh, and of course, more parachute cord. :0)


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