Tradition!…and Traditions

12 Dec

It’s been  awhile since I’ve posted a song, and I realize I should probably be posting some catchy or meaningful Christmas tune, but instead, I’m giving you this:
I had to post something to go along with my post…You’re welcome.  And Merry Christmas. ;0)

Now, on to the traditions…those that know me well, know that I am a sappy, sentimental fool.  So, around Christmas time, traditions play a big role.  Since there are twelve days left until Christmas, I’m giving you twelve of our favorite traditions:
We’ll start with Christmas Eve:

1.  We always have “munchies” for dinner.  For those of you that are more well-to-do, these are also known as “Hors D’oeuvres.” (And yes, sadly, I had to look that up to make sure I spelled it right.)  This includes veggies/dip, meat and cheese trays, jalepeno poppers, shrimp, lunchmeats, crackers, chips, etc.  This makes it super easy and alleviates the stress of having to cook another big meal on Christmas Day.

2.  We always open 2 presents on Christmas Eve – new pajamas for all, and a family board game.  We then get comfy in our new pjs and spend some good, quality family time playing the game.

3.  On Christmas morning, we each receive a new ornament in our stockings.  This is one my mom started when we were little, and we have continued it.  We try to pick ornaments that are specific to each of our passions, pastimes, etc.  This makes it fun when you look back over the previous years and remember where you were at during that time of your life.  We also write our names and the year on the bottom of the ornaments, so we remember.

4.  When my niece and daughter were little, they started passing back and forth a Christmas box.  It became so much fun, that we now also do it with my nephew and son.  One year, my niece gave my daughter a box with a bunch of goodies/trinkets in it.  My daughter saved the box, and the next year, passed it back with goodies/trinkets/candies, etc.  They have passed it back and forth now for a good 10yrs.  As the girls got older, they began including things that they each enjoyed, like CDs or small projects.  My nephew and son wanted a special box, so my son made a treasure chest that they fill and pass back and forth.  You could do this between siblings, cousins, long-distance friends, etc.  It’s quite fun, and creates a special bond.

5.  We have cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Again, it’s a matter on convenience, stress and time.  I generally make up the batch the night before, and pop them in in the morning to bake while we open stockings.  Which leads me to #6…(p.s. if you want a great recipe, look here:

6.  This is one my dad started, and while it drove us batty as kids, it comes in quite handy as parents: no waking mom and dad up, until the sun is up. ;0)  This solves the “can we get up now? can we get up now? can we get up now?” issue.  My parents would always leave our stockings out, and we were welcome to quietly open them before dawn, but there was NO pestering them until the sun was up.  My hubby and I are super mean, and make our kids wait for the whole shebang until sunrise – it’s too much fun to watch them go through their stockings to miss out on it.

So there’s six to get you started.  Tomorrow, I’ll post six of our favorite recipes that we make every year.  Also, if you have any traditions that you enjoy as a family, I’d love to hear about them!  Maybe we’ll incorporate some new ones…

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One response to “Tradition!…and Traditions

  1. Dawn Neu

    December 12, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    Cute! Other then the passing of the box and the waiting until the sun is up, we have the same traditions. We also read Luke 2 before opening PJ’s and again in the morning before opening. Of course cupcakes for Jesus’ birthday. This year it will have to change as Cary has to work, but we will try to stay as close as possible to tradition. Tradition at this time of year is so comforting to me. I look forward to tomorrow’s post.


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