16 Oct

I love Fall.  It is absolutely my favorite time of the year.  Fresh, crisp air.  Beautiful colors.  Calm, still waters.  Rain.  Ah, I love the smell of rain.  And this year, boy did we need it.  After a month + of smoky, hazy skies, we’ve finally gotten back to clear blue. I was beginning to wonder if we were going to be able to enjoy the splendor, so I am trying to savor the beauty of each day, knowing all too well that it will soon turn to cold, gray, wintery skies, of which I am not so much a fan.
This Fall has been a busy one for us.  We got a bit of an early start back to school, and have been working hard to be diligent in our studies.  It is always nice to get back into a routine.  It has been hard for me to sit down and “write,” b/c I have been trying to find a proper time to work it into our schedule.  That, and it seems like every time I sit down to post something, I am needed somewhere else.  Such is life.  Now that we have been going  full swing, and have a good idea of what a full day looks like, I can hopefully be a bit more consistent.  It’s also a bit of a balance, trying to make sure I keep things in check and prioritize my day properly.
My days have been full of schooling, cleaning, baking, and trying to prepare for winter.  I know I may sound like Ma Ingalls, but I’ve felt a need to store up as much as we can, trying to make use of the harvest and not let anything go to waste.  I’ve processed tomatoes, peppers, corn, squash, carrots, applesauce, and am anxiously awaiting the harvest of our potatoes – assuming that there are actually potatoes under all of the green leaves.  While my tomatoes did not do well this year, my jalepenos have been going like gang busters, so I’ve had to get creative w/different ways to keep them.  Two of our favorites are pickled jalepeno slices and “poppers,” that we make ahead and keep in the freezer. I’ve also been making the most of my food dehydrator and have been drying pluots, mangos and herbs from my garden, and am looking forward to doing up some apples here soon. I’ve learned to render my own lard and am looking forward to frying up some yummy pumpkin or apple spice donuts in it.  I’ve dabbled in making our own yogurt and am excited about one more thing I can make myself, where I can save money and not have to buy it from the store.   Our freezer is full of beef and my son has dreams of adding venison to it.  😉  I am still loving line-drying our clothes, although it takes a bit longer now that the weather has turned colder.  We don’t get much sun at all here in the winter – we’re lucky if we get 45min/day – so I may have to revert to using the dryer, unless we hang a clothes line in the basement, which has crossed my mind. 😉  My next goal is to go elderberry picking so I can juice the berries and make my homemade elderberry syrup, which I absolutely swear by during cold and flu season.
I am looking forward to the rest of this beautiful season and sharing with you what I have been learning/working on.  Normally I would close with “a picture that I love,” but the one at the top of the page just makes my soul go “ahhhh,” so I’ll leave it at that. 🙂  Enjoy your Fall…

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