Back to the basics….

09 Jan

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  Over two years, really, not that anyone’s really been counting or paying attention.  There are a variety of reasons that I stopped, which I won’t take the time to go into and bore you with all the details.  There’s also a main reason that I decided to start blogging again, which I’ll get into in a little bit.  I thought about starting up a whole new blog all together, but then I lose all the information/writings that I worked so hard on, and figured it was just easier to come back to this one.

It’s been a rough winter for me.  Actually, “rough” is a bit of an understatement.  Probably the hardest winter I’ve had.  I got sick with bronchitis in November, which then turned into the flu, which then led right into pneumonia and landed me in the hospital for three days, right before Christmas.  I was discharged on Christmas Eve.  While I was incredibly thankful to be home with my family for Christmas day, I was still terribly sick and don’t remember much of Christmas at all.  I was so sick, I wound up back in the ER the day after.  It’s been a good full month of doing nothing.  When I say “nothing,”  I mean, really.  Absolutely nothing.  The only thing I’ve left my home for is to go to the hospital or the doctor, and that was with my husband driving me.  Straight there, straight home.  I do a simple task like taking a shower, and am so drained, I want a nap.  Today was the first day I was able to go out on my own, and after a quick run through 2 stores, I feel like I’ve been up for 36hrs.  My point is, my body has so been through the wringer, that it’s taken me a really long time to bounce back ( I use the term “bounce” very loosely).  Everyone told me that recovering from pneumonia takes a long time, but I had no idea.  It’s a whole new level of exhaustion.  And it’s beyond frustrating.  For someone that can’t stand  to just sit and do nothing, it’s been a real challenge for me.  But, it has also been a period of growth.  I’m learning to ask for help which I am not good at.  At all.  I’m learning to rest – I’m not good at that, either, but I really don’t have much choice right now.  I’m learning to be quick to listen, slow to speak.  I’m learning to trust ever more in the Lord and in his sovereignty – I know He has a plan and a purpose for all of this, and I am resting in that, and praying that I use it for His glory.  I’m learning to be thankful for small accomplishments.  I’m learning to cherish every single moment that I feel good – I will never again take breathing well for granted.  I’m learning to listen more carefully to my body.  Which leads me to why I decided to blog again…

I’ve talked before about my struggle with good health.  You can read a little bit about it and what I decided to change here:   That’s where I started.  And for awhile, I did really well.  But then, I got complacent and lazy.  I slipped back into old habits.  It’s easy to do.  Pretty soon, it’s not just a slip, it’s a full-blown slide.  “A little sugar or poor eating choices won’t hurt me” turns into a little more, and then a little more.  My body didn’t like it, and here I am.  Sometimes it takes a good smack upside the head to learn a lesson, you know?  Consider me well-smacked.  This battle I’ve crawled (am crawling) through has me determined to get back on track.  My new mantra is “New Year, New Health.”  More focused.  More disciplined.  Being “proactive”, rather than “reactive” – meaning that I’d rather take the steps to get and keep my health, than to scramble and pick up the pieces when something like this happens.  Not to say that I’ll never get sick again, but I think you get the idea.  So I’m blogging my way through it, somewhat as a sense of accountability, but also as an outlet.  Writing has always been a way for me to purge my feelings, so to speak.  I also am excited to share with you things I’m learning along the way. I would be honored if you choose to join me.  Thanks in advance ~ Barb

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